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The hourly rate is CHF 140.00 per Hour.

An additional time of 30 min is charged CHF 70.00.

Online Hypnotherapy: the hourly rate is 100CHF.

An additional time of 30 min is charged 50CHF.

( For international clientele, please check your exchange rate).



The first session lasts 1h30, and the others sessions are usually about 1h.

The duration really depends of the needs of the person.

On average, the clients need from 1 to 4 sessions.

Sessions are recommended to be 2 weeks apart for better results.

You will not be left alone after your session.

Please keep in mind that if you have any questions after a session or if you simply feel the need to talk to me, i am happy to answer your questions by Email  at no extra cost.

Consider the cost of treatment as a long-term investment in your overall health and well-being! Remember that life is not a dress rehearsal and there are no second chances. Lost happiness cannot be collected later.

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