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A pragmatic method

Hypnosis is a deep state state of relaxation and alertness.

It is a natural state that every person already goes through at leat once a day without even realising it, for example just before we are falling asleep at night, when we drive a car and automatically shift the gears and arriving at destination without realising it...You don't think about driving your car, you just do it.

Hypnotherapy is a relaxing and safe technique that most clients find enjoyable.

It involves being placed into a trance (different state of consciousness), that allows us to communicate and work with your subconscious mind and suggest new outcomes ( stopping smoking, drinking alcohol, being more confident, resolving a fear, etc...).

The subconscious mind is very intelligent and stores all the informations, memories and emotions, since we are born!

It is also the sum of our automatic processes we learned, specially during childhood.

The fact for example of being afraid of fire because we already burned ourselves belongs to our subconscious.

The fact that we take our distance with fire is not coming from a conscious decision but by a reflex conditioned by pain., stored in the subconscious mind.

The trance will facilitate the communication with the subconscious mind and allow us to change the informations that could hold you back.

You hear everything during a trance and you stay always totally in control.

A common belief is that you may not be able to "wake up" or to "come back".

No one has remained indefinitely in a hypnotic state. A hypnotic trance can be terminated by the hypnotist OR THE CLIENT at will, at any time. Coming out of hypnosis is as simple as opening your eyes.

During this state, you are not sleeping at all , but it is quite the opposite, you are more alert and your senses are more develop, you can smell and hear better for example...

As awareness is increased, you are aware of everything going on around you and what is being said to you. You can reject any suggestion that is given to you at any time.

You will never say or do anything that goes against your moral and ethical principles.

Usually, the more intelligent and imaginative a person is, the easier it is to hypnotize him/her. More than 90 percent of people can be successfully put in hypnosis. The two most important factors associated with a successful hypnosis session are 1) the talent, training, and experience of the hypnotist and 2) the willingness of the client to be hypnotized.

As you enter hypnosis, you actually disconnect your mind from the body and surroundings. That means that your awareness is withdrawn from the normal alert state you walk around in and goes inwardly.

The power of hypnosis is your ability to harness the full potential of your imagination without the normal restrictions of the critical mind. This is when a skilled hypnotherapist can help you make dramatic changes in your life.

The hidden power of trance is in the suggestions you listen to and how much you embrace these new ideas.


Procedure of the Hypnotherapy


You can contact me via the contact form and write me a description of your problem.
You can also send me a text message or calling me directly.


During the first meeting, we will do a preliminary talk in order to get to know each other.
I will ask you some questions to find out what are the issues and i will explain to you exactly how we will work to fix them.


You will be comfortably laying down and after placing you into a hypnosis state ( or altered state of consciousness), i will be able to communicate with your subconscious mind, using suggestions, or, in some situations,  using more complex techniques such as "regressions", in which we can bring the subconscious to the past, to find the cause of the problem and fixing it.

Your conscious will always be present, like a spectator, and you will be very aware and awake during the session.

At the end of the session, we will talk about your feelings and feedback and plan an other session if necessary.



It is also possible to do your Hypnotherapy sessions online via Skype or Zoom!

It is also a very effective and viable way to help people, and you just stay home and don't even have to leave your Sofa!

  • It happens in Real Time, just like traditional therapy and will interact with you in the present, in the here and now.

  • Using video we can discuss things exactly as we would if you were sitting next to me, meaning being able to build rapport, discuss possibilities and put things in context on the spot.

  • It is also ideal for remote areas and you can save a lot of time, avoiding traffic and public transport and you can visit me from the comfort of your own home, even if you are on the other side of the world , on holidays or on a business trip.

  • Some people who require Hypnotherapy might be unable to attend a traditional office-setting.

  • They could be disabled or suffering from other problems.For anyone with mobility issues, online sessions make therapy totally accessible.

  • Because it is Online, the session is cheaper, you will find more informations about it in the "Pricing" area.


          How e-Therapy works?

  • Have your special quiet space for your session, where you feel comfortable and where you will not be disturbed. You want to feel completely relax and focus.  

  •   Turn off your phone and other distractions and make sure nobody will distract you.

  • Have a comfortable room temperature.

  • It is always better to feel warm rather than cold as your body temperature during a session can drop a little.

  • You can also add a little blanket on your knees during the session.

  • If you can, it is recommended to use a headphone kit with a microphone as during hypnosis we can sometimes talk together and the volume of your voice could be lower as you are deeply relaxed.

      If you don't have a kit, no worries.

  • We will start to talk and will get to know you and the issues you are facing.

  • We will then build rapport so we can communicate effectively and look for solutions.

  • I will use my voice to help you relax and guide you into a trance.

  • My words will help you switch off so i can bypass your critical conscious mind and get at the subconscious mind.

Doing that Online is just as effective as any other format and you will discover the amazing power Hypnotherapy has on the mind and how true transformations from deep inside is life-changing.


A reliable Internet connection is important, it would be challenging to conduct an effective session if we lose the connection.

You may ask " why if i lose the connection, may i stay locked into a trance state?".

If this happens you will simply emerge at some point, after a couple of minutes, or maximum an hour later.

You can never stay in a hypnosis state for ever!

It is important to keep some extra time for yourself after your Online session anyways so if something like that happens you are not stressing about being late for a meeting for example.


Stampfenbachstrasse 42, 8006 Zürich

076 205 46 72

Thanks for submitting!


Everything You Need to Know


Hypnotherapy allows quick results.
Everybody is different but because of the work with the subconscious mind, results can be seen after 1 to 4 sessions  only!.


My goal as a therapist is to provide results to my clients, but i also want them to feel good and comfortable.

I always adapt the therapy depending of the person i work with and i always make sure my client feel good.

A common belief is that the hypnotherapist can take total control of you, it is absolutely not the case.

You have total control of the session and you could stop a session by yourself if you decide to.

Trust is the key of success in Hypnotherapy, and i will make sure you feel safe and relax!


During a session, you will feel relax.

The first feedback i have is always " i never felt so relaxed".

You will be laying on a comfortable therapy chair, with your eyes close and your attention and focus will be accentuated, and you will not sleep at all.

It is actually quite the opposite, you will be very aware of everything.

In some cases, you can experience strong emotions during the session, all this emotions you will feel will help you to heal, and you can release a lot of things from the past, in a safe environment.

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