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Hypnosis in English or French in Zürich

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“The person who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”




Change Your Life

  • Do you need to break a habit, such as smoking, drinking or binge eating?

  • Are you dealing with anxiety, stress, phobias, panic attacks or even burn-out?


  • Imagine finally quitting smoking, losing weight and letting go of that thing that always haunts you, just as easily as sitting on a comfortable sofa talking to a trusted friend.

  • Imagine how you would feel with more confidence, serenity, balance and the happiness you deserve!

You can reach your goal with Hypnotherapy!

Hypnosis has nothing to do with magic, it is a powerful technique that helps people make extraordinary and remarkable changes in their lives.

Popular changes include quitting smoking, losing weight, reducing or eliminating pain or migraines, overcoming fears, anxiety and phobias.

Lucas Vermot-Desroches, certified Hypnotherapist will welcome you in his office, based in the beautiful Zurich City area, using various techniques to help people access their inner resources and open the door to happiness and growth.

Due to the actual crisis of COVID-19, it is also possible to do an Online Hypnotherapy session via Skype or Zoom.

You can be assured that this qualified professional will have you seeing results in a short period of time.



Lucas Vermot-Desroches is a French certified hypnotherapist from the prestigious NGH "National Guild of Hypnotists" (the largest hypnosis association in the world) and the "OMNI Hypnosis Training Center International" MHP Lausanne.

At an early age, he was challenged by a difficult childhood, but was able to overcome it through powerful mind techniques such as meditation and hypnosis.

His passion always been related to health and well-being and he started to seriously study sport, anatomy and nutrition at an early age, while reading a lot of books about psychology.

With his knowledge, practice and determination, he transformed his weaknesses into strengths and, later on, after empowering himself, decided to help others.

He became a health and fitness coach and increased the quality of life for a lot of people and made them feel good in their bodies. After a long and successful career, he decided to extend his skills as he always knew that the real change in people's lives comes from the mind first.

He noticed that hypnotherapy was able to provide rapid changes and his goal was to know everything about this amazing technique.

He became a certified hypnotherapist and started to help people overcome their inner limitations.

For him, a trusting relationship and truly listening to people’s needs are the keys to success.

At some point or another, we all feel the desire to improve the quality of our lives. Get ready to evolve, change and realize your full potential. 


Contact Lucas Vermot-Desroches and book an appointment today


After trying different methods to overcome my depression i decided to try Hypnotherapy with Lucas.
I felt an immediate relief after the very first session and after just three more sessions, my mood and energy increased exponentially.
Life changing, thank you Lucas!

Piero M.

Lucas is very professional and extremely kind.
I was feeling anxious before our first meeting as i didn't know what to expect.
He made me feel comfortable and safe.
Thanks to him, i healed myself from my Claustrophobia.

Laura K.

After 12 years of smoking, i am finally a non-smoker.
The hypnotherapy was very successful.
Lucas contacted me several times after our session to check how i was doing.
I feel so good now , free and healthy!
So grateful!

Youri E.

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Usually Hypnotherapy is not the first choice of therapy.

Many clients tell me that they have tried medications, psychotherapy or others treatments and the issues are still there and that they are lost for what else to try.

Hypnosis is often the last hope for many people and can be a blessing because a good hypnotherapist understand how the mind, brain and human behaviour works.

When somebody is willing to open to the therapy because it is "the last chance", Hypnosis is super effective as an open mind is ready to work and absorb positive and transformative suggestions.

Hypnotherapy works because it changes the programs ( limiting beliefs, behaviours, emotions, etc..) in the subconscious mind rather than the conscious.

The hypnotherapist is an expert of communication with the subconscious.

The power of Hypnosis is that you subconscious stores everything, from your emotions to your memories of past events, and instead of trying to figure out what is the root of the problem with the conscious, which could take month or years of therapy, we go directly in the subconscious to find the cause and we fix it.

It is a powerful technique but also a quick method and a very positive investment in your mental and physical health.



Quit smoking Today! Don’t you think that now is the time to free yourself and become a person that is free again and feels no more desire to smoke?

Delve into the subconscious mind to shift the mental blocks stopping you from being able to Stop Smoking. 

Hypnosis achieves a mild trance that causes a lasting change in the way you behave and think on a neuronal level. The suggestions used, aim to make smoking and cigarettes uninteresting and meaningless for ever.


Losing weight is not only about food or exercises. Hypnotherapy for weight-loss deals with complex levels of the whole person.

Through the power of suggestion, you’ll enter a receptive state as you begin to focus on what you need to do in order to Lose Weight. You’ll remain fully in control throughout the process of uncovering what’s holding you back.


Hypnosis is a powerful anxiety relief and significantly reduces emotional and physical pain.

Use the mind-body link to Improve Self Esteem and see the results you have been seeking. You’ll enter a trance-like state that will give you heightened focus and concentration, making it easier to help you regain control.


Free yourself from Claustrophobia,Agoraphobia, the fear of flying, tunnels, etc...

Hypnosis has a direct effect on the anxiety center and changes neural links in the brain through Neuroplasticity.

You will remain fully in control and safe throughout the process of uncovering what’s holding you back.


The actual time related to the Coronavirus is very anxiety-inducing for a lot of people.
Hypnotherapy will unleash all the resources you need to deal with the virus and any situation in life.

Through a deep state of relaxation, we can ask your subconscious mind to be at ease with the actual situation.


Get rid of what is holding you back

Are you addicted to alcohol? Sugar or others drugs?

Hypnotherapy deals with the emotional issues connected to drinking too much alcohol or/and using drugs, such as boredom, stress or upsets.



  • Anorexia

  • Asthma

  • Concentration

  • Dyslexia

  • Eating disorders

  • Exam preparation

  • Memory problems

  • Migraine

  • Nervousness

  • Nailbiting

  • Phobias

  • Panic attacks

  • Pain

  • Relationships issue

  • Sport performance

  • Sleep disorders

  • Sexual problems

  • Stuttering

  • Trauma


This list is not exhaustive, if you have any other issue you want to work, please contact me


Discover the power of hypnotherapy. Book your first consultation now.

Stampfenbachstrasse 42, 8006 Zürich

076 205 46 72

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